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Philippe’s Megaphone : On trust

mardi 16 juillet 2013, par Philippe Coueignoux

July 9, 2013
Should trust on this earth be based on heavenly promises ?

SocGen had Kerviel, MF Global O’Brien, the NSA Snowden.
Employees in sensitive positions are ticking bombs.
Google has only angels. Right ?

Jérôme Kerviel loses plea for fresh inquiry into SocGen sacking
by Michael Stothard
(Financial Times) - July 5, 2013
Boss’s Remark, Employee’s Deed and Moral Quandary
by James B. Stewart
(New York Times) - July 6, 2013
Snowden revelations stir up anti-American sentiment
by Geoff Dyer
(Financial Times) - July 14, 2013